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Here's what we know about 'Westworld' season two

Ellie Walker-Arnott
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Ellie Walker-Arnott

The first season of hit sci-fi series 'Westworld' was stuffed full of shocks, surprises and strange plot twists. It ended in December, but we've still got months to wait until it's back on our telly screens. Luckily, the showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonah Nolan were at Paleyfest with some of the cast and crew this weekend to talk 'Westworld' season two. Unluckily, they didn't reveal much about the upcoming episodes...

'Westworld' season two? 'It's a musical!' joked Nolan, before adding: 'We’re writing right now — we’re terribly excited about what we’re writing. Reddit has already figured out the third episode twist, and we're changing that right now!'

'There will be a story, and it will fuck with the metaphysical at some point,' added producer Robert Patino. 

Westworld season one

Joy did reveal a tiny musical teaser: 'At home, we have a little girl, so we spend a lot of time watching children’s movies, and one of them has proven to be, musically, incredibly inspiring. There may be a strange shout-out to a very kind of innocently joyful song, that we’ll take, and co-opt, and make dark.'

There are no firm plans to venture into other worlds, something which actor Ed Harris is pleased about: 'I just don't want to be naked and I don't want to wear a samurai suit … and I'm saying that publicly! I'm a Man in Black, not a Man in a samurai suit! Samurais don't wear hats!'

When it comes to season two specifics, it seems, like us, the cast are still in the dark. But they're used to that. 'We all had a lot of questions—a barrage of questions—but I got comfortable with not having all the answers,' James Marsden said, adding: 'Enthusiasm is a wonderful thing, but when you let the show come to you, and reveal itself in its own time, it’s much more satisfying.'

Westworld season one, Thandie Newton

They did clear up a somewhat murky season one plot point, though. Was Maeve going back into Westworld to search for her daughter, rather than escaping on the high-speed train, a decision she really made on her own?

'The way we designed and shot it...that is the first decision she has ever made of her own free will,' said Nolan. 

'Westworld' season two is currently on track for a 2018 premiere. 

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