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Londoners reveal the best advice they’ve ever been given

James Manning

We asked you to tell us the best piece of advice that anyone’s ever given you. Here are your finest words of wisdom…

‘Don’t tie your shoelaces in a revolving door.’

‘Never go upstairs empty-handed!’

‘Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups!’

‘Free cashback in the Post Office on Broadway Market: no more queuing for ages and paying £1.85 at a cashpoint.’

‘Never ever use the Hippodrome entrance/exit at Leicester Square tube.’

‘Don’t date a dickhead from your hometown – date a dickhead from far away.’

‘Always remember what you owe to others and forget what others owe to you.’

‘If you have the choice between doing something and not doing it, just do it! (As long as it can’t kill you.)’

‘‘Chuck it in the “fuck it” bucket and move on.’

Now read and wince as Londoners reveal their most awkward messaging mishaps.

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