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Londoners work ‘100 hours more’ a year than the rest of the UK

Written by
Katie McCabe

Sure, we’ve just had a four-day weekend, but if you’re feeling a little overworked, you’re not alone. According to new figures from the Office of National Statistics, Londoners are working three weeks (100 hours) longer than the rest of the UK every year. The average working week in the UK is 31 hours, but not for us workhorse Londoners, who currently clock in for 33 hours a week, the longest it’s been since the 2008 financial crisis. A close second in the stats was Northern Ireland, with an average working week of 31.8 hours. 

The difference may be a result of the city’s young demographic, a higher concentration of full-time jobs or lengthy commutes. Last month, wellbeing charity CABA reported that one in five Londoners are too scared to take a lunchbreak, suggesting desk-bound employees are feeling the pressure of increasing workloads. Basically, London needs a break, and a two-hour long one at that. 

Photo: Alex Chilli.

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