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This map is an emoji snapshot of London

James Manning
Written by
James Manning

Emoji map of London © Tekja 2017

Emojis tell you a lot. For instance, you’re totally allowed to block anyone who sends you an aubergine as a conversation-starter. And it turns out they can reveal something about a city too. Londoners tweet around 30,000 emojis a day (you’d think it’d be more, but this is Twitter, not WhatsApp). A pretty massive 12 percent of those are London’s favourite emoji: the classic 😂. Now, working with the Museum of London on its City Now City Future season, data-vis company Tekja has been picking through all those little icons to work out how London is feeling.

Here’s a cool example. A snapshot of the capital on June 9, 2017, the day of an unexpected general election result, it shows each borough’s top election-related emojis that day – from Labour roses in Hackney to shocked faces in Bromley. And yes, that is an aubergine in Ealing. Like I said, emojis tell you a lot.

Like maps? Like emotions? This map shows the happiest and saddest parts of London.

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