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Holi festival events in London

You can paint the town red – and blue, green, yellow and purple – at these Holi festival London celebrations inspired by the Hindu festival of colours


If you start seeing rainbow-coloured soot billowing over the capital – nobody’s burning a big pile of My Little Ponys, don't worry. A bunch of annual Holi festival London celebrations are on the horizon, alongwith hundreds of people chucking powdered paint at each other. 

The roots of this Technicolor pastime lie in the Hindu festival of Holi – an annual celebration held on the first day of spring (Thu March 24 2016). People of all ages and castes take to the streets to throw coloured water and a powdery paint known as gulal. Though these London events are often removed from the religious aspects of Holi, the same air of convivial fun are at their heart. Gulal is non-toxic, water-soluble and available to buy in bags at each event. Wearing white is recommended for the best visual effect, but avoid anything too precious – clothes can still get a little stained (the same goes for cameras and smartphones too).


FloA tastemaker

The Holi festival is originally a Hindu festival of "colours and sharing love". 
It sprayed massively around the world over the past few years and even though it is becoming a bit of commercial thing now, it's still a fantastic day of celebrations.
I've been to the London Festival of Colours festival last 2 years (2015 + 2016) and I still love throwing colorful powder at people and dancing all day long. 

Luckily we had amazing weather both years but no worries, if heavy rain is pouring down the festival is pushed to the Sunday! (I thought that was a really clever thing to do!!)

Little note though: in my opinion, 2015 was much better than 2016 simply because it was in a proper grass field and not on a concrete car park!! #justsaying