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 Julianknxx, Black Corporeal (Between This Air) - Totem, Courtesy of the artist ©Studioknxx
Julianknxx, Black Corporeal (Between This Air) - Totem, Courtesy of the artist ©Studioknxx

A free late-night art festival is happening in east London this weekend

It's in Whitechapel

Written by
Eddy Frankel

Art in the daytime? Boring, safe, bright, old news. Art in the nighttime? New, different, dark, mysterious. 

And that’s what’s on offer with 'Nocturnal Creatures', a one-night only art festival being put on by Whitechapel Art Gallery, with artists taking over public spaces for an evening of performance, sound and video art.

The six participating artists are Candida Powell-Williams, Abbas Zahedi, Nicole Bachmann, Julianknxx, Paula Morrison and Inês Neto dos Santos. There will be live choreographed performances, film projections, participatory installations and a bean-themed bar with views over the city. What’s it all about? Labour and race and movement and bodies and all sorts of classic art themes that should keep you entertained long into the Whitechapel night.

And if you somehow get through all of that, you can go explore Sculpture in the City nearby, where there will be even more performances.

And the whole thing’s free. Just book a ticket here and lose yourself in the new, different, dark, mysterious experience of art at night.

'Nocturnal Creatures', 6pm-11pm, various Whitechapel venues. Details here.

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