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A harvest moon is coming on Friday the 13th, folks

By Jess Phillips

Calling all moon worshippers.

The big guy in the sky is in the mood to show off, and who can blame him? If we could produce a harvest moon, we’d show off that bad boy all the damn time.

We’re normally treated to one a year, but this one’s extra special because it’s happening on Friday the 13th. Creepy, right?

The chances of a full moon on this date is pretty rare. The last one was 19 years ago in 2000. Miss this one and you'll be waiting until 2049, so set your alarm.

If you’re more of a facts and figures junkie than (very) superstitious, this supermoon is no ordinary supermoon. It is, in fact, a ‘minimoon’, thanks to its circumference being 14 percent smaller than the average display.

Here in the UK, the spectacle is set to come to a sky near you at 7.20pm on the Friday but it’ll peak at approximately 5.32 am on the SaturdayOur American cousins get the whole shebang on the 13th though. In the Central, Mountain or Pacific time zones, the moon turns full before midnight on Friday. Jammy.  

So the choice is yours. Either stay up until the early hours watching ‘The Shining’ to catch the sight on UK soil, or jump on the next flight stateside and enjoy the view from Hawaii.

See you in first class.

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