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A massive Italian food hall is coming to London


Giant Italian food hall brand Eataly is set to open a ginormous 40,000-square-foot venue in the City’s Broadgate development this year. Billed as a ‘foodie theme park’, the site will feature restaurants, shops and even a ‘university’ offering lessons in preparing Italian dishes.

The announcement has coincided with some rather less pleasant news about the global Italian market chain. Eataly recently launched a campaign with a host of weird, ’70s-esque taglines such as ‘Bring home an Italian. Great legs, better body.’ There’s also a truffle ad that reads: ‘Bring home an Italian. Worth the smell.’ 

At best, this is a case of bad timing, considering Mario Batali, one of the company’s co-owners, has been accused of serial sexual harassment spanning more than two decades. His official apology for that, by the way, included a PS that offered a recipe for pizza-dough cinnamon rolls(?!).

Eataly is due to open in Broadgate in 2018.

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