Everything you need to know about the tube strike in August

The RMT will strike again across London Underground and Overground on Friday August 19

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The tube strike today (August 19) is still going ahead across London Overground and Underground networks. Following the July rail strikes and ongoing disruption to the Night Tube, union members will walk out in RMT’s fifth 24-hour strike this year.

And there’ll be even more travel disruption as there’s now a bus strike taking place on the same day. Get ready to stay at home. 

When is the August tube strike 

The strike will last for 24 hours from midnight on Friday August 19TfL is ‘strongly encouraging’ Londoners to avoid travelling on Friday until 8am on Saturday August 20. 

What tube and Overground lines are affected?

All London’s tube lines and the Overground network are expected to be disrupted during the August 19 strike. There will be a limited service in Zone 1 but some lines will be suspended entirely. TfL is urging travellers to only travel if essential and to complete journeys by 6pm. 

The Victoria, Circle, Hammersmith & City, Jubilee, Waterloo & City and Metropolitan lines are all fully suspended. The remaining lines are either partially suspended or experiencing serious delays. 

When 10,000 workers walked out during June’s industrial action, some services ran every 15-20 minutes, with many only operating on parts of the line. 

Around 400 Arriva Rail London workers, who operate the Overground, are also walking out on August 19. There’s currently disruption and severe delays across the entire Overground network.

When will the tube strike end?

The tube strike lasts for 24 hours on Friday August 19. Tubes won’t resume as normal until 8am on Saturday August 20. 

On Saturday, national rail strikes will affect some services in London too. There'll be a reduced service on the Elizabeth Line and Trams. On the Overgorund service will be reduced between 8 am – 6 pm with no service after 6 pm and no night tubes.

On Sunday services should resume as normal.

Will there be other tube strikes?

Separately, there will also be strikes affecting other rail services on August 18 and 20. RMT members who work for Network Rail and 14 other train operators will walk out alongside members of the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA).

When are the bus strikes?

Over 1,600 bus drivers are walking out for two days, one of them being the same day as the tube strike. Members of the Unite union and employees of London United will strike on Friday August 19 and Saturday August 20.

This will affect bus routes in west and northwest London and parts of Hertfordshire and Surrey. There'll be no Night buses on disrupted services and people are encouraged to avoid affected routes until 8am on Sunday August 21.

The affected routes are: 

9, 18, 33, 49, 65, 70, 71, 72, 85, 94, 105, 110, 111, 116, 117, 148, 203, 211, 216, 220, 223, 224, 258, 265, 266, 272, 281, 283, 290, 293, 371, 400, 404, 406, 411, 418, 419, 423, 440, 465, 467, 470, 481, 613, 635, 662, 663, 665, 671, 681, 696, 697, C1, E1, E3, H22, H32, H37, H91, H98, K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, KU1, KU2, KU3, N9, N18, N33, N65, N72, N266, S3

Why are they striking?

In the midst of TfL’s funding crisis, the RMT said the August industrial action is because of TfL’s ‘refusal’ to share details of a draft government proposal it received regarding the funding of London’s transport system. 

The union gave TfL until August 2 to give assurance on jobs, pensions and working conditions, but no agreement was reached. RMT said that 600 jobs could be lost under TfL’s new plans, but the transport authority said that they would be safe.

Arriva Rail London union members are striking over pay after recently rejecting a ‘paltry’ 5 percent pay rise from TfL. Mick Lynch, the RMT’s general secretary, said: ‘This strike action by our members on London Underground and the Overground is yet another demonstration of how transport workers refuse to accept a raw deal.

‘TfL have had ample opportunity to be transparent about the funding they will receive and to give tube workers the assurances they need. Yet they have totally failed to give those guarantees.

‘And Arriva Rail London, a company swimming in money, refuses to give our members a pay rise that will deal with the escalating cost of living crisis.

‘There will be significant disruption on August 19, but TfL and Arriva Rail London bear responsibility for this breakdown in industrial relations.’

Similarly, bus drivers are striking in a row over pay. Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: ‘The workers’ parent company RATP is fabulously wealthy and it can fully afford to pay our members a decent wage increase. Unite’s members play a crucial role in keeping London moving and they are not going to accept seeing their pay constantly eroded.’

All the info about this week’s London bus strike.

Everything you need to know about the UK-wide rail strikes.

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