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Free invisibility cloaks are being given away in Stratford today

Poundland invisibility cloaks
Photograph: Poundland

Halloween just got a whole lot easier for party poopers.

If you’re the guy who rips a white shirt and douses himself in ketchup or the gal with eyeliner whiskers, this no-fuss costume was designed with you in mind.

As part of its largest ever Halloween range, Poundland has launched an invisibility cloak – meaning you can dress up as your favourite boy wizard without having to find an owl or fork out at Madam Malkin’s. In fact, you won’t even have to spend a Knut as this ingenious piece of dress-up kit is being given away for free at six stores across the UK, including Poundland on Stratford High Street, from today.

Rumour has it the costumes were meant to launch last year, but staff failed to find them in the distribution centre, setting the launch back to 10am this morning.

The cloak is one-size-fits-all, gender-neutral and also comes with a hanger. Most importantly, though, it’s a great ’get out of jail free’ card if the screening of ‘The Ring’ makes you cry for your mummy.  

We’ve really seen it all now.

The invisibility cloaks are currently being given away in Poundland, Stratford High Street. 

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Giles G

I'm amazed that Time Out is giving publicity to this 'freebie'. Yes, it's clever and sort of funny. For all of 5 seconds. And then the item will get chucked and added to the pile of waste contributing to the planet-wide plastic problem etc etc.