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‘Doctor Who: Time Fracture’
‘Doctor Who: Time Fracture’

Get yer Doctor Who dungas on, it’s time travel… time

New live immersive theatre romp ‘Doctor Who: Time Fracture’ is landing in May

Chris Waywell

As London feebly pieces itself back together, a new show is set to shatter it all over again. ‘Doctor Who: Time Fracture’ is an immersive theatrical experience from the team that delivered the smash-hit ‘Great Gatsby’. Working with BBC Studios, Immersive Everywhere is bringing the show to the West End, at a former military drill hall in Mayfair that dates back to the end of the nineteenth century. The producers are confident that all appropriate safety measures will be in place for audiences, cast and crew.

The premise of the show is weirdly timely, given that it was originally announced in December 2019 and planned to run in 2020. At the height of the Blitz in the capital in 1940, a strange and potent new weapon destroys a corner of Mayfair (lol), creating ‘a rift in space and time’. This is surely music to the ears of dedicated Whovians: who doesn’t love a ‘rift in space and time’? It certainly sounds like it has plenty of potential to draw all kinds of parallels between wartorn London and the city as it recovers post-Covid. We’re promised Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and plenty of other Doctor Who-type business.

If this all sounds like it’s up your pan-dimensional alley, and you’re already planning your outfit of dungarees, knitwear and pattern-clash, it’s opening on May 26 and booking right now (‘right now’ being a somewhat relative term when it comes to time travel).

Also, do enjoy the official trailer, which doesn’t really give much more away other than that the Tardis is in it, which frankly for 50-odd quid you’d expect.

‘Doctor Who: Time Fracture’ opens on May 26. Tickets available from £49.50-£59.50. 

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