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Koya Ko Broadway Market
Anton RodriquezKoya Ko Broadway Market

Koya to open new restaurant on Broadway Market

Udon noodle specialist to launch restaurant with standing dining in Hackney

Written by
Angela Hui

A standing ovation for well-loved udon restaurant Koya as they gear up to launch Koya Ko, a new tachi-gui standing-style restaurant to Broadway Market and it’ll be officially opening its doors on September 13. 

Inspired by Japan's fast-paced train station noodle bar dining scene, this new neighbourhood restaurant and takeaway is designed for solo diners looking for a quick slurp and bite. Located in the old Twigs space between Arabica and La Bouche. 

For those who want to give the legs a rest there will also be space for more leisurely meals with friends and family with larger tables both inside and outside if standing and eating at the counter isn't your thing.

Food wise: co-founder and head chef Shuko Oda will do a revamped take on Koya’s famous udon noodles like the iconic English breakfast udon, but will now be served in the kamatama style. Plus, some fried chicken snacks, tofu and donburi dishes, as well as some playful new dishes available at this restaurant only such as the Ko Meaty, a slow-braised beef shin broth with chilli oil cossets the udon and cold-style triple-pickle udon featuring pickled wakame, pickled chilli and umeboshi (pickled plum). Keep an eye out for seasonal specials, too.

Lucky east Londoners, udon know what's going to hit you. 

12 Broadway Market Mews, E8 4TS

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