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Guy Bell / Alamy Stock Photo2HKPBPA London, UK. 5th Feb, 2022. People seem oblivious of the risque nature of the 'dinosaur' as they let their children play and pose with it - A giant, sexually sugestive, inflatable phallic dinosaur in Leicester Square promotes the latest Jackass movie - Jackass Forever. Credit: Guy Bell/Alamy Live News

Leicester Square dino drama blows up

The bright green inflatable has raised a few eyebrows

Written by
Annette Richardson

We know very little really about prehistory really, all we have are some fossilised remains, the wisdom of the BBC with Kenneth Branagh narrating ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ and the knowledge that it’s a bad idea to go hiding in the loo when it’s dino lunchtime courtesy of Jurassic Park.

But while we don’t claim to be palaeontologists, we probably don’t need to know that much to spot that something very peculiar is going on in Leicester Square at the moment. 

 To mark the launch of ‘Jackass Forever’, Johnny Knoxville’s latest reality/ comic film escapade which is perhaps unsurprisingly rated a very adult 18, a bright green dinosaur inflatable has taken up residence, and suffice to say that it doesn’t look much like a brontosaurus, diplodocus or T-Rex. Somehow, it’s more reminiscent of a giant cock and balls, albeit, one with eyes, teeth and feet, just to add to the Freudian nightmare of it all.

 Knoxville et all have definitely sidled up to visual double-entendres with this one and then diverted, decided to go Route one and hit us over the head with the phallic symbolism. Freud’s not just having a field day, he’s practically running a festival.

 Parents planning to take their brood to a half-term screening in Leicester Square might want to steer them the long way round to avoid tricky questions knowing the incredible capacity for infants for expert and comprehensive dino classification. We’re hoping for a feminist riposte in the shape of a… oh wait, somehow we don’t need to make everything giant versions of our vaginas at every opportunity do we?

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