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London has the most things to do out of any city on the planet

By Stephanie Hartman

According to Travel Stats Man, a travel blog using data and visualisations to offer up tips for those looking to for a holiday, London has the most things to do out of any city on Earth.

The data was collected using Euromonitor’s Top 100 City Destinations Ranking and used to identify the top 100 cities for tourism in 2015. With that list of 100, Tripadvisor was then utilised to identify the number of activity options in each of those cities. The activities were split into 20 categories including sights and landmarks, nature and parks, shopping, zoos and aquariums, outdoor activities, food and drink and nightlife.

With all that info at his fingertips, David Greenwood, who runs Travel Stats Man, was able to determine London as the city with the most going on, with a whopping 5,809 activities to choose from. Hell yes! Tokyo followed with 5,021 and Moscow with 4,375. The rest of the best can be found here.

Despite it feeling as if a music venue is closing every week in our city, 1,280 of the activities fall under the nightlife category coming way out in front Madrid, which polled second with 913, while 718 are shopping activities (New York beat us by 78). Museum-wise we ranked sixth with 314, and for nature and parks we flourished in fourth with 179.

Obviously we’re very happy about London coming out on top but it’s worth mentioning that TripAdvisor’s count of activities offers a general overview of the most popular activities within any given city, meaning it’s not an exhaustive list. A whole lot of niche ‘things to do’ will be excluded from these stats. For the food and drink category, for example, we rank third but only 170 restaurants counted in the list (and we all know we’ve got a whole lot more than that)! Here are 100 of them to get you started.

And if the 5,809 things to do sound daunting, our 101 things to do will ease you in nicely.

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