London is officially the worst city for a night out in the UK

£7 pints, early closing times and expensive club tickets make London the worst party city in the country.

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London’s nightlife is having a bit of a mare at the moment. Not only are pubs closing weirdly early, late night venues are shutting down at alarming rates, and punters are going out less because they simply can’t afford it. Now, a new study has revealed the Big Smoke to officially have the worst nightlife in the country. Oh dear.

Bonus Finder analysed the biggest party cities in the UK to find out which was the best, and which was the worst. The company based the research on several factors, including the average price of a pint, the average hotel cost and the number of pubs and bars per 10,000 residents.

Unfortunately for London, out of 50 analysed cities the capital came in dead last. In the ‘party score’ out of 10, London received a paltry five. The analysis found that with average of almost £7 for a pint and £209 a night for a hotel stay a trip to the capital for a night out could break the bank. 

‘Despite the large plethora of pubs, clubs and bars across the city, it gained its bottom place due to its expensive costs, highlighting the grave effect of the cost-of-living crisis on the country’s nightlife economy,’ wrote the report. 

Bristol and Belfast were the second and third worst party cities, scoring 6.88 and 6.94 out of 10 respectively. 

On the flip side, if you're looking for the best party town in the UK, you’ll need to plan a night on the tiles in Brighton. The seaside town scored a perfect 10 out of 10. According to the research, Brighton and Hove contains 8.49 bars and nightclubs and 24.46 pubs per 10,000 residents.

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