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The world’s first permanent vagina museum is opening in Camden

Jessica Phillips
Written by
Jessica Phillips

London’s creatives have had e-muff of female bodies being left out of cultural conversations. 

While most of us have visited that penis museum in ’Dam during gap yah interrailing, it’s almost impossible to say you’ve seen as many artistic vaginas.

Despite a little more than half of the population having one, there was nowhere – we repeat nowhere – to enjoy the vaginal equivalent of Iceland’s Phallological Museum. Anywhere. In. The. World. 

But now, after two years of pop-ups, campaigning, and raising a total of £50,000, biochemistry grad, comedian, presenter and video producer Florence Schechter has succeeded in securing a permanent base for the Vagina Museum at Camden Market

Its debut exhibition, named ’Muff Busters: Vagina Myths and How to Fight Them’, is free and will open to the public on November 16. Its aim: to debunk common misconceptions about female genitalia.

No, you can’t lose a tampon in there. Yes, it should smell like that.

The space will host exhibitions, film screenings and interactive workshops, all in the hope of encouraging healthy conversations about body image, sexuality, intersectionality and mental health. 

Upcoming events include ‘Vulvanomics’, an exploration of vaginal-related semantics, ‘Sex Magick’, a play about spirituality and sex, and ‘The Naked Stand-Up’, which should be pretty self-explanatory. 

But the museum’s mission doesn’t stop there. Florence and co also plan to run an outreach programme to help the intersex and trans communities access sex and relationship education and safe medical care.

Vulva-voom, indeed.

More information on the Vagina Museum can be found here

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