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Marble Arch Mound
Photograph: Travers Lewis /

There’s a petition to save the Marble Arch Mound!

The roller-coaster saga of London’s most-mocked attraction rumbles on

Written by
Lauryn Berry

It opened, it charged for admission, it closed. It reopened, it became free to visit, it closed for good yesterday (January 9). The Marble Arch Mound, named by Londoners as the city’s worst attraction, is set to be dismantled later this month, but some people don’t want to see it go that easily. 

Two young Mound enthusiasts have started a petition to save the landmark from destruction, and it’s slightly bewildering. While it claims to want Westminster Council to extend the Mound’s lifespan, calling it an ‘icon of modern London and celebration of life during the Covid deconfinement period’, its aim is only 200 signatures (130 people have signed so far). Are they having a laugh? The petition also says ‘the Mound is both a piece of art and a piece of community – it must not be cut down in its prime’, a controversial opinion, to say the least. 

As well as the petition, a website and a Twitter account popped up the day before the Mound closed. The account has been tweeting using the hashtag #SaveTheMound.

Whoever runs the account has even nick-named themself ‘Mound Correspondent’, as they ‘report’ on the latest developments. It really is hard to take all this seriously. Is it peak comedy or a heartfelt grassroots campaign?

According to organisers, the Mound did achieve its purpose to attract visitors back to central London, but visiting it was an underwhelming experience, and it was so unpopular initially that its admission fee was scrapped. The public have not been holding back in their critique of this one-of-a-kind exhibit. 


So while there are 130 Londoners who want to keep the £2 million attraction intact, it seems unlikely that the Mound (which has been a nightmare for those involved for start to finish) will survive. But if you’re really passionate about its future, speak with your signature here.

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