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Jamie Lau

Date night: Fun and games

Every week, two lucky Londoners get to have a night or day out – and it's on us! We sent Patrick and Noemi on a blind date, but did the sparks fly?

By Eddy Frankel

The venue: Hint Hunt followed by dinner at Booking Office.

The couple: Patrick (27) is a social researcher who lives in Streatham Hill, and Noemi (24) is a vendor manager who lives in Lewisham.

First impressions

Patrick said: ‘She was absolutely stunning – a really beautiful girl, really bubbly and really nice. I got a good impression of her when we first met. She was so outgoing, and laughed a lot. It gave me high hopes.’

Noemi said: ‘He’s a really nice guy. But there wasn’t really any physical attraction. It’s a vibe thing. He’s not really the kind of guy I normally go for, but I actually normally do like tall blonde guys. I like someone more mature.’


Patrick said: ‘I thought the date went okay. As it wore on, I think we realised that we didn’t have much in common. The chemistry wasn’t really there. We talked about things we liked, and I think we just had different opinions on a lot of things.’

Noemi said: ‘We had lots in common. We both like travelling, music and cheese. We talked about Mumford & Sons and Coldplay. So we did get along really well. There were no awkward moments at dinner, we were just talking and laughing.’


Patrick said: ‘I had a really fun time. But there was no romance. We didn’t exchange numbers. We both appreciated that we had a lovely time, but we probably won’t see each other again.’ 3/5

Noemi said: ‘We didn’t exchange numbers. I don’t know why, it didn’t even come up. We just said goodbye. It wasn’t awkward, so I think both of us understood that we won’t see each other again.’ 3/5

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