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Photograph: Fitness4Less

London’s most affordable gyms

Try one of these cheap gyms and affordable fitness memberships to work up a sweat in a London without breaking the bank

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Paula Akpan

Whether as part of a New Year’s resolution or in preparation for a poolside holiday, we’ve all experienced the call of the gym. But one of the biggest deterrents can be the cost – watching that chunk of money leave your bank account every month can often be more painful than a HIIT workout.

Expensive gym membership shouldn’t be what puts you off trying to stay fit and healthy, though, because London is home to some great cheap gyms. In fact, here are six of the best affordable gyms and fitness memberships in the city. Get ready to feel the burn.

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6 of the most affordable gyms in London


With over 60 gyms in London alone, there’s probably a PureGym just a stone’s throw away from you right now. Not only do they offer quality kit and classes, with prices starting at £14.99 a month, but the majority of their gyms are open 24 hours a day – perfect for people who would rather avoid the post- and pre- work crush. And if you’re a student? The good news just keeps on coming because you can save up to 30% off your membership. Bargain.

Find PureGym in over 60 locations across London.

Photograph: Fitness4Less


Working out by yourself with equipment isn’t for everyone. If you need to be surrounded by others to feel motivated, Fitness4Less has got you covered. With an average of 208 instructor-led classes every month, you’ll be spoiled for choice. From Apex Strength to Booty Builder and Core, there’s something for everyone from just £15.99 a month. Want to throw in a few visits to the pool? Well, that’s just an extra £4 a month. You and your wallet are both welcome.

Find Fitness4Less in Canning Town, Cambridge Heath, New Malden, Southwark, and Sutton.



If you’re venturing into the world of the workout for the first time, EasyGym is a great place to start. Once you’ve snagged yourself a membership which starts at £21.99, you can book yourself a free induction. And if you live or work around Wembley, you’re in luck because a new EasyGym has opened in Park Royal with a monthly membership offer of £9.99 for your first three months. Work on your fitness for less than £2.50 a week - what’s not to love?

Find EasyGym in Oxford Street, Park Royal and Wood Green.



If you’re a commitment-phobe when it comes to gym (and you’re far from alone), then PayAsUGym is the one for you. You can buy day passes to the gym of your choice. Prices start as low as £4.50 a day and get even cheaper if you choose to buy in bulk. There are zero joining fees and you can start and stop when you want too - it’s perfect if you’re looking to sweat with no strings attached.

PayAsUGym can be used at over 500 locations across London.



Known for its light and airy gyms and high-spec equipment, The Gym offers lots for a low budget. Starting at £12.99, you can snag yourself free classes, 24 hours access and free wifi. And for a few extra pounds a month, you can have all of that plus multiple gym access and be able to bring a friend along for free. Basically, you’ll suddenly be extremely popular with your pals.

Find TheGym in over 20 locations across London.


Xercise4Less is another brilliant cheap gym giving you your money’s worth. Their very first London gym is based in Hounslow, and the space comes with the latest equipment, a Combat zone if you want to try out boxing or MMA, and a fitness studio and spin area. Membership starts from the delightful price of just £9.99. And if you’re a student, we’ve got you covered as Xercise4Less offer a 20% student discount. They aren’t messing about.

Find Xercise4Less in Hounslow.

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