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The very best of 2015

Your essential guide to the best of 2015, including the year's best songs, films, comedy and more

How was it for you? This past year in London has been packed to the gills with truly amazing events, from the sublime to the ridiculous and every shade in between. So let's take a deep breath and we'll review all the tremendous things that happened in the Big Smoke during 2015.

The best London restaurants of 2015

The best movies of 2015

The best London comedy of 2015

The ten best comedy shows of 2015

American comedy heavyweights, wartime entertainers and a man who made his entire audience tea; our comedy critic picks the funniest shows of the year.

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By: Ben Williams

The best albums of 2015

The 50 best albums of 2015

Listen back to 2015’s best new music with our review of the year’s very greatest albums.

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By: Oliver Keens

The best tracks of 2015

The best theatre of 2015

The best art of 2015

The 15 best art shows of 2015

Delaunay surprised, Diebenkorn delighted and Goya scored twice: here's our pick of the shows of the year.

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By: Martin Coomer

2016 doesn't look too bad, either...

London in 2016: the big preview

There's a lot to be excited about in 2016 – from Reeves and Mortimer celebrating 25 years, to Harry Potter at the theatre, 'Batman vs Superman' at the cinema and the Saatchi Gallery giving up its entire space to female artists. Start filling out your calendar with this expert guide to the coming year.

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