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Weird workshops and courses in London

Bored of baking and so over sewing? Check out these crafty courses in London and take up a hobby you didn't even know existed

Put down your half-arsed attempt at a bobble hat and cancel that cupcake class, it's time to learn something completely different with these weird and wonderful courses in London. From making your own cheese and carving home-made spoons, to building your very own dry-stone wall - take your pick of these truly unusual things to do and learn something useful (or not very useful) while you're at it. 

Weird and wonderful courses in London


The London Craft Club run regular workshops in the art of writing with fire. It's less dangerous than it sounds – less flaming quills and more hot instruments which allow you to draw your own freehand designs on wood and leather.

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Cold smoking

The middle-class eater’s dream: think of all the money you’ll save on smoked salmon once you can make it yourself! This hands-on course also covers brining, salting and hot smoking, and you’ll work with vegetables, cheese, meat and fish.

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Spoon carving

Make sure that no friend of yours will be short of a salad server at this one-day green wood-carving session that’ll teach you all the skills you need to turn a log into cutlery.

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London Terrariums

London Terrariums provide glass demijohns or adorable-sounding tinyjohns to fill with soil and plants on their workshops, or you can BYOV (bring your own vessel). Rather than succulents their creations are filled with leafy greens such as mosaic plants, climbing fig and ivy. Just how they plant them through such a teeny hole is a secret we're keen to have revealed.

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Butchery Classes

The Ginger Pig's butchery classes are a must for curious carnivores - learn the best cuts to buy and how to roll, chop and slice the meat away from the bone. Not for the faint-hearted.

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Ginger Pig , Marylebone Until Saturday December 23 2017

Make Your Own Cheese

If we can stock our cupboards with homebrew, why not fill our fridges with own-brand fromage? A one-day course at Wildes Cheese's north London home will teach you how to do just that, using basic equipment and only one here's-one-I-made-earlier moment. The dairy-packed day will see you create a stretch-curd cheese that's similar to mozzarella, a fresh cheese that will mature in your salad drawer for as long as you can hold yourself back, and a super-creamy Philadelphia-ish spreadable cheese.

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23 Apr 2016

Dry Stone Walling Workshops

Dry stone walling is the magical placement of different sized stones to bear the weight of a flock of sheep – no glue or cement involved. Learn this ancient art with master waller John Holt at a series of hands-on fortnightly sessions. You too can build that raised flowerbed, packhorse bridge or even the delightfully named 'Cheek End'.

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29 Oct 2016

Terrarium Tuesdays

The teeny, self-contained gardens that are taking London (and Instagram) by storm are utterly charming and – with the right ingredients – wonderfully easy to put together. Hackney florist Grace and Thorn runs monthly workshops in which you’ll learn all you need to know about designing a tiny landscaped garden, leaving with your very own creation at the end of the night. All materials are provided and you get your pick of their lovely succulents to fill your glass globe with (if you’re as indecisive as us the choosing will take longer than the planting).

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Until Tue Mar 1

Knitting Machine Workshop

Hand-powered knitting machines are impressive, hulky machines. Learn how to tame one and create a lambswool hat at these workshops from knitwear company 'Country of Origin'.

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20 Mar 2016

Bamboo Bike Workshop

These two-day workshops teach participants how to make their very own bike frames using bamboo. The classes allow participants to be as creative as they wish, with help from expert frame builders who'll provide all the skills needed to create strong and sturdy structures to ride home on. Top up days are available if you want to add extra components and bamboo beer is supplied at the end of each day.

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Until Sun Jul 10

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