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11 quintessential Instagram shots to post on your weekend getaways from L.A.

Written by
Kate Wertheimer

Instagram was basically built for the humblebrag (or the not-so-humblebrag). And what better to brag about than your amazing escape from the city for a weekend at the beach/camping in Joshua Tree/driving up the coast? Sure, the point of a weekend getaway is to, you know, get away from it all; but not so far away that you can't obsessively check and post to Instagram.

Even on your peaceful wilderness hiking trips, we know you're snapping away in airplane mode and anxiously awaiting your return to cell service so you can fill everyone in on how deeply you've communed with nature. But hey, we all do it. In fact, we all do it so much that certain travel shots have become ubiquitous, iconic—perhaps even passé? We've compiled the most popular "pic or it didn't happen" shots of L.A.'s best day trips, road trips and weekend getaways. If you haven't seen these, you must not be on Instagram, and if you haven't taken them, then you have some serious adventuring (and 'gramming) to do.

(And to be clear, we're poking fun but it's all in good spirit—we're guilty of pretty much all of these. #blessed)

When you wake up with the sun in Joshua Tree... because you have to pee (and 'gram)


When a sound bath at the Integratron, like, totally changes your life


When you pay $75 for a steak dinner just because the dining room at Madonna Inn is pink


When you embark on a photo safari of Salton Sea just to show how #gritty you are


When you and 50 other tourists simultaneously take a photo of Big Sur's McWay Falls that make it look like you're the only person there


When you almost crash your car trying to get the perfect landscape shot of the windmills off the 10 on the way to Palm Springs


When the water at Deep Creek hot springs smells like sulfur but you get in anyway because, hello, photo op


When you're an atheist but you still post a photo of the "God is love" artwork at Salvation Mountain 


When you get a great shot of that adorable Big Bear A-frame cabin that you're not actually staying in


When you drive halfway to Antelope Valley and turn around because you forgot your phone, and you need it, obviously


When you've posted the Cabazon dinosaurs at least six times before but the Instagram fodder is just too good to pass up


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