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LA releases new video in bid for 2024 Olympics with less than a year until decision is made

Michael Juliano

If you're still getting over the post-Olympics and soon-to-be-post-Paralympics blues, then let this latest peek into LA's 2024 Olympic bid be your Summer Games pick-me-up.

There's just under a year until the host city for the 2024 Summer Olympics will be chosen. On September 13, 2017, in Lima, Peru, we'll find out whether Los Angeles, Paris, Budapest or Rome (who may drop its bid this month, according to recent reports) will host the 2024 Summer Games.

To start the countdown, organizing committee LA2024 has released its latest hype video, entitled "Dream City."

The video describes a dream city with oceans, forests and mountains while a confused chorus of children mistake swimmers for mermaids, Metro construction sparks for fireworks, a hydraulic-hopping lowrider for a talking car and an octopus tentacle in the kitchen at n/naka for an amazing creature. The Explosions in the Sky-esque score crescendos toward a not-so-shocking climax: That dream city already exists, and it's Los Angeles.

LA's dreamy qualities are just too big to fit inside of a typical YouTube frame, so the video mimics the Ultra Panavision 70 super-wide aspect ratio. In it, you'll find a familiar mix of attractions to sell the city: Griffith Observatory, Venice Skate Park, PCH, the growing Downtown skyline and the Hollywood Sign (whose very inclusion apparently requires a credit to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce). Other landmarks include SpaceX, Levitated Mass at LACMA, a yoga session atop the MacArthur Park-facing American Cement Building and the Eagle Rock strip mall home to Colorado Donuts. 

When we last checked in with LA2024's bid videos, Will Ferrell and Kobe Bryant were telling us why they wanted the Olympics here and the organizing committee was introducing us to "the new LA." We still have a year to go until we find out whether or not we'll host the Summer Games, so in the meantime, familiarize yourself with LA's updated Olympic bid.

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