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A guide to Silver Lake

Get to know these essential restaurants, bars, shops and things to do in the trendy Eastside neighborhood

By Michael Juliano

Posted: Tuesday October 13 2015

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Silver Lake has comfortably maintained its position as the Eastside's trendiest neighborhood thanks to a wealth of boutique shops and an ever-growing dining scene, including everything from lovely outdoor patios to an old school tiki bar. Most of Silver Lake's essentials are situated along Sunset Boulevard, with Sunset Junction being the closest thing the neighborhood has to a walkable center. But you'll find plenty to do elsewhere, whether on a charming stretch of Silver Lake Boulevard or tucked among the scenic hills and namesake reservoir. Get the most out of your visit to Silver Lake with the best restaurants, bars, shops and things to do in the eclectic Los Angeles neighborhood.

The best of Silver Lake

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