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We're thankful to have beaches that could (and do) grace travel agency posters.
Photograph: Amy Mew, Courtesy WikimediaWe're thankful to have beaches that could (and do) grace travel agency posters.

33 things Angelenos are thankful for

'Tis the season to be thankful. Here are just a few of the things we most appreciate about living in Los Angeles.


1. Beach days on Thanksgiving.

2. A never-ending bounty of cheap tacos.

3. That weed is now legal.

4. Rain. Anytime, in any amount. It may not happen often, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a group of folks more appreciative when it does.

5. That Angelenos are a diverse, open-minded bunch. 

6. Great (and free!) music residencies that make Monday a day to look forward to.

7. Low season at Disneyland.

8. Being a four-hour drive away from Vegas.

9. That Metro is going to expand thanks to the passing of Measure M.

10. Not having to choose between a mountain and an ocean view, because here we can have both.

11. An ever-expanding bike scene.

12. Avocados, on everything, all year long.

13. The Obamas may soon be SoCal residents, which means President Obama can run for office when Calexit happens. 

14. Dodger dogs at sunset.

15. The smell of night-blooming jasmine in winter and citrus trees in spring.

16. How close we are to great weekend trip destinations like Joshua Tree, Ojai, Big Sur, Catalina, Santa Barbara, Mammoth, Mexico...

17. Wild peacocks and parrots (when they're not squawking before dawn).

18. Flower-picking among skyscrapers at the Original LA Flower Market in DTLA.

19. Instagram-worthy sunsets on the regular.

20. Awesome local beer.

21. Space! (As in, room to move around, as compared to some other cities we could mention.) Also, space! (Happy Thanksgiving, SpaceX, JPL, Boeing and Northrop Grumman.)

22. The many L.A.-based organizations worth volunteering with and donating to. 

23. Pressed juice that's still under $10 and yoga that's still donation-only.

24. Places with free WiFi

25. Apartments that are bigger and more affordable than New York's and San Francisco's.

26. Parking meters that accept credit cards.

27. The benefits that come with an L.A. County library card.

28. Our handsome, breakdancing mayor.

29. The fact that brunch culture isn't relegated to the weekends here—sometimes we need mimosas on a Tuesday.

30. The view from Griffith Observatory—and scoring a parking spot in the lot.

31. Randomly seeing our favorite celebrity and saying exactly the right thing at the right moment—instead of thinking of it five minutes later.

32. Three hundred and twenty nine average days of sunshine per year.

33. The spectacular view driving into the city at night.

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