Things to do in Los Angeles today

Discover these things to do in L.A. today—including free and cheap concerts, screenings, shows, parties and more

Photograph: Jakob N. LaymanGriffith Park

Looking for last minute plans tonight? Figuring out how to impress a date? Find out the best things to do today in Los Angeles with picks for our favorite concerts, screenings, comedy shows and more. Sometimes, you make plans to go out months in advance. Other times, you’re left scrambling for plans a few hours from now—consider this your social emergency savior for those situations. Whether you’re looking for last-minute ideas with out-of-town friends or trying to mix up your routine, get out there and explore the city with these things to do in Los Angeles today.


Jonathan P

What is the point of having all of the movies in popular and also in the movie section? Fewer things to do.

Stacy B

Great comedy musical "Spies Are Forever" is playing this weekend, see it now while you can! Hilarious and original, get tix at