All We Can't See

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All We Can't See fortyfivedownstairs 2018
Janet Laurence 'Flotsam /ˈflɒts(ə)m/ noun – People or things that have been rejected or discarded as worthless.' (2017)

This exhibition of leading Australian artists responds to the Nauru Files

In August 2016, the Guardian published a stack of leaked incident files from Australia's offshore detention centres known as the Nauru Files. They detailed more than 2,000 shocking incidents of assault, abuse, self-harm and sub-standard living conditions, but little has changed in terms of public policy since then. 

This exhibition, curated by Arielle Gamble, invites 32 of Australia's most influential artists to respond to the leaked files and attempt to illustrate the tensions and pain revealed within. If news reporting can't get the message through, then perhaps art will?

The exhibition was originally shown in Sydney but has been revamped for Melbourne audiences. The artists include Ben Quilty, four-time Archibald finalist Abdul Abdullah and Churchill Fellowship recipient Janet Laurence.

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