Angelica Mesiti: Tossed by Waves

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Angelica Mesiti Tossed by Waves 2017 Anna Schwartz Gallery Melbourne installation view 01 courtesy Anna Schwartz Gallery
Tossed by Waves installation view

The Paris-based Australian video and installation artist presents a new work evoking a 'precarious democracy'

Angelica Mesiti makes video-based installations in which she explores performance and – increasingly – alternative modes of communication; for example, traditional Greek mourning laments, sign language, and the 'whistling languages' of the Mediterranean.

Her new installation, Tossed by Waves, is inspired by Morse Code, and takes its name from the motto of the city of Paris (her adopted home): 'Fluctuat nec mergitur' ("Tossed by the waves but never sunk”).

Visitors to Anna Schwartz gallery pass through several hanging wind chime sculptures (assembled from dots and dashes) emiting 'distress signals' to approach a screen at the back of the gallery space, where the camera slowly and silently pans in close-ups of the central monument of Place de la République – a site of gathering and protest.

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