Capitalism Works for Me! True/False

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Capitalism Works for Me! True/False
Photograph: Bryony Jackson

Are you personally better off because of capitalism? Cast your vote as part of this global arts initiative

Is capitalism the inspiration for generations of entrepreneurs and a reason for us to strive to be our best selves, or is it a rigged game that keeps the rich rich while never giving the poor a chance? Or is it both? 

How has our economic system worked out for you personally? Are you helped or hindered by the free market? Are you given the ability to achieve your dreams, or are you kept down by a system out of control?

Those are the questions artist Steve Lambert wants to know. He's brought his installation Capitalism Works for Me! True/False all over the world, asking people everywhere whether they are feeling the economy. For Melbourne Fringe, the tally board moves around between three locations: State Library, Bourke Street Mall, and the Fringe Hub at Arts House. Passers-by stop and chat with Lambert or another artist about capitalism and its merits, and at the end of the conversation, they cast their votes. 

Look out for the big Capitalism sign around the city and make sure you cast your ballot for or against Adam Smith. 

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