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Cats-hibition artwork
Photograph and sketch: Yeli Chuan

Cat-themed art (not art made by cats) comes to Fitzroy just in time for Christmas

Artistic inspiration can come in many forms; and for these Melbourne creatives, it came in the guise of cats. After a wildly successful debut exhibition last year, Cats-hibition is back with another showcase of feline-themed artworks at Fitzroy gallery and emporium In.cub8r. 

Don't overthink this, cat-lovers: Cats-hibition delivers exactly what it promises. A host of Melbourne artists have created sketches, paintings, sculptures, toys and jewellery all paying tribute to the most mysterious of all domestic pets. Take artist Yeli Chuan's sketch of Greggy (above), for example – what is Greggy thinking? Does he like his portrait, or does he think that the whiskers aren't quite right? We'll never know. 

Other artists include Claire Cummings of textile design label Hangin' Around and watercolour painter Nicole Barros. Entry is by gold coin donation, which will go towards the Forever Friends Animal Rescue organisation. Of course, everything is up for sale – purrfect timing for Christmas.

By: Rose Johnstone


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