Chinese Whispers and Other Stories

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Chinese Whispers and Other Stories 2017 Blindside Janelle Low 2016 China and Billy Balls from the series Reconcile courtesy the artist and Blindside Gallery Melbourne
Janelle Low 'China and Billy Balls' from the series Reconcile, 2016 (image cropped)

This group show at Blindside explores cultural identity and the myth of a multicultural Australia from the perspective of four young female artists

Curated by artist Pia Johnson, this exhibition features her own work alongside three other female photo-media artists of Chinese heritage: Tammy Law, Janelle Low and Siying Zhou. Together, their works reveal the tensions and difficulties in navigating multiple cultural identities from a young female perspective, while also examining the broader context of mass migration and the diaspora.

Chinese Whispers and Other Stories previously showed at PhotoAccess at Manuka Arts Centre in Canberra.

By: Sophia Cai


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