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ACMI unveils a moving and immersive VR work

For a stunning VR experience, book into a free viewing of Collisions at ACMI; the first-ever VR film to tell a story about Indigenous Australians. Artist Lynnette Wallworth’s film transports viewers into a remote corner of the Western Australian desert, home to the Martu tribe and elder Nyarri Nyarri Morgan. Developed as part of the Sundance New Frontier-Jaunt VR Residency, Collisions documents a moment in the 1950s when Nyarri – a man who, at that stage, had never had contact with western culture – witnessed an atomic explosion in the desert.

Watch in disbelief with Nyarri as smoke billows high into the sky, kangaroos are swept across the desert by the blast and ash rains down on red sand.

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