Dancing Umbrellas

'Our Steps Will Always Rhyme' by artist Minna Gilligan
Minna Gilligan 'Our Steps Will Always Rhyme', 2014 (cropped)

Step into a world that warps perception of light, time and movement

The latest group exhibition from Heide Museum of Modern Art invites visitors to step into another world: a world that warps perception of light, time and movement.

At once playful, immersive and dreamlike, Dancing Umbrellas brings together painting, collage, sculpture, performance and the moving image. The title refers to a surreal video installation series by Melbourne artist Belle Bassin, who travelled through the streets of Paris dressed only in umbrellas. 

Bassin's work will be exhibited alongside that of Melbourne artist Minna Gilligan, whose collages and moving self-portrait gif images with psychedlic backdrops also evoke a sense of theatricality and surrealism.

Other artists featured include Rebecca Baumann, Damiano Bertoli, Peter Cripps, Dale Frank, Taree Mackenzie and Viv Miller.

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