Emily Floyd: Icelandic Puffins

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Emily Floyd 2017 Icelandic Puffins Install view at Anna Schwartz gallery Melbourne
Photograph: Zan Wimberley Icelandic Puffins installation view at Anna Schwartz Gallery

The Melbourne artist juxtaposes seductive Scando-inspired design with global financial crisis in her latest work

You can see the results of degrees in fine arts, sociology and graphic design in the works of Emily Floyd – but even more evident than these, perhaps, is her upbringing in a family whose business was toymaking. Her sculpture installations mix toy-like forms and text to run commentary on contemporary social situations and issues.

This new installation comments on the global financial crisis through the lens of Iceland. Individually carved puffins are paired with the names of the businessmen prosecuted by Icelandic government following the collapse of the country's major banks in 2008.

"Apparently the policeman who prosecuted them, Ólafur Hauksson, designed his case on a white board. Because I have this interest in design, and because we're so obsessed with Scandinavian design, I was quite interested in this story," says Floyd. "I've been wanting to make this work for a while."


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