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Sven Marquardt Fotografien
Photograph: Ole Westermann

You know him as the bouncer at an infamous Berlin techno club, but did you know he's also a world-class photographer?

Any techno fan who has made the pilgrimage to Berghain – the cavernous Berlin nightclub in a former power station – will have encountered Sven Marquardt. To step onto Berghain's hallowed dancefloor, you'll need to pass by Marquardt, the bouncer. 

But Marquardt is not just Berghain's gatekeeper; he's also a world-famous photographer who has garnered an international reputation for his fashion photography and his expositions of Berlin's vibrant club scene that emerged after the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

This will be Marquardt's first-ever Australian exhibition; after premiering in The Substation in Newport, the exhibition will move to Sydney. Fotografien will be a survey of Marquardt's work from the '80s to today, exposing Berlin's subcultures in dark, analogue style.

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