Follow an unpredictable art trail along Sydney Road and the Upfield line

Now in its seventh year, MoreAre returns to showcase 16 large-scale art projects across a range of unexpected Brunswick locations.

The ongoing event hopes to alter perceptions of spaces typically thought of as gritty and utilitarian by infusing them with the spirit of creativity and contemplation.

Here are some of the highlights:

Squeaky Wheel Bike Tours: Make your way through the entire 12km MoreArt series. Experts will guide you through the exhibition on bike, train or foot.

LightenUpfield: Short films are projected along the Upfield cycle path, injecting them with community spirit and ensuring they are safe for all. 

Who can travel on a concession Myki?: Artist Kenny Pittock offers an amusing take on the current Myki system and attempts to bypass the 'touch on' systems.

Hopscotch: In her fun series of pavement games, Bonnie Gordon tells us to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. 

Suburban Therapy and The Pharmacy: An interactive therapy session. Spin a yarn with an artist as they capture your portrait. You'll also gain a dose of medication from the Your Health Solutions Range (be careful though, it may not be exactly as it seems). 

Comics on Congeniality in Concrete: A humourous take on the faces and figures of the Upfield bike path. 

By: Rebecca O'Malley

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