Nite Art

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Nite Art 2017 Portrait of Hannah Quinlivan with her steel and aluminium wire drawing Still Motion 2015
Hannah Quinlivan with her steel and aluminium wire drawing 'Still Motion' (2015)

More than 60 artists will showcase their work as part of this biennial after-dark art adventure

This year's Nite Art will feature more than 60 artists in an 'art crawl' stretching from the Nicholas Building to the University of Melbourne.

Kick things off by searching for US artist Jordan Eagles’ large-scale Illuminations installation, which will project dappled red ‘blood’ across a secret location. Then, find Isolation – a slice of dramatic landscape re-created in a white exhibition space – by acclaimed Berlin artist Fabian Knecht. Head to Flinders Lane Gallery for one of two performances of Holding Pattern: a collaboration by Hannah Quinlivan, Louise Keast and Alexandra Hobba that will combine 'spatial drawing' using LED lights and a performance of classical vocals that respond to the qualities of light and space.

Many galleries, including the University’s Dax Centre, will be serving wine and hosting live music.

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