Progress: The Game of Leaders

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Progress – The Game of Leaders 2017 Melbourne Festival supplied image feat artist Sam Lo image courtesy the artist
Photograph: Supplied Artist Sam Lo

Determine the future of human civilisation in this giant game of jenga

This interactive public art work invites you to play the 'game of leaders' via giant jenga blocks – each of which represent a different facet of the contemporary nation, from education to standard of living and military spending. As the tower grows and you jockey for top spot, what blocks will you sacrifice?

Singaporean artist Sam Lo came to international attention in 2012 when she was arrested by her government for acts of 'mischief' and 'vandalism' involving playful street-art stickers and graffiti. Since then she has broadened her art practice to include painting, performance and public art.

Progress: The Game of Leaders is part of Melbourne Festival; check out the rest of our highlights.

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