Punctum Public Cooling House

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Castlemaine streetscape
Photograph: Michelle Jarni

[Sponsored] Beat the heat when this flat-pack cooling house rolls into Castlemaine

Summer in Melbourne can get hot, but at least it has the coast to keep it cool. Not so in Castlemaine. The mercury can get uncomfortably high (and low) in Castlemaine, but from desperation can come inspiration: enter the Punctum Public Cooling House.

Created by artist-led local live art collective Punctum Inc, the public cooling house is great for those seeking both shade and entertainment. As well as offering somewhere to cool off (the cooling house features pools and uses traditional evaporative cooling techniques), inside the house you’ll find performances and talks about our connection to water.

The Punctum Public Cooling house is open from March 2-12  at the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens.

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