1. Rone's new upcoming exhibition 'Time'
    Photograph: Rone | 'Time' in Melbourne, 2022
  2. Rone's upcoming exhibition 'Time'
    Photograph: Rone
  • Art, Installation


The prolific street artist is taking over the Flinders Street ballroom with his new immersive exhibition


Time Out says

Following a successful season of Patricia Piccinini's hyperrealist installation, 'A Miracle Constantly Repeated', it is uber popular street artist Rone who will be the second artist in residence in the enigmatic ballroom space above Flinders Street Station.

His new, immersive installation, 'Time', will be spread across 11 themed rooms, all featuring Rone's distinctive female figures flanked by vintage-style objects by interior set decorator Carly Spooner and a building team led by Callum Preston. Composer Nick Batterham joins with a haunting soundscape to accompany.

“For years, I had heard all these stories about the mysterious ballroom above Flinders Street Station," says Rone, aka Tyrone Wright. "I always wondered how much of it was truth and how much was urban myth. I was desperate to get in there."

“I find it fascinating that there is an entire wing of the building that was locked up for decades,” he says. “Once I discovered how important these spaces had been in the past, I knew I wanted to share that with people.”

Over the past 20 years, Rone has taken over many a decaying weatherboard cottage for his show 'Omega'; the Alphington Paper Mill for extremely limited viewings of his collection of works, 'Alpha'; and the Star Lyric Theatre building in Fitzroy for his show, 'Empty'. In 2019 he even popped up in an abandoned 1930s mansion for 'Empire'.

Tickets go on sale for Rone's highly anticipated installation 'Time' are on sale now. The exhibition is open to the public until April 23, 2023.


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