Super Field

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Super Field RMIT, 2017
Photograph: Daniela d'Arielli
Super Field RMIT, 2017 Credit: Philip Samartzis
Photograph: Philip Samartzis
Super Field RMIT, 2017 photo credit: Daniela d'Arielli
Photograph: Daniela d'Arielli
Super Field RMIT, 2017, photo credit: Madelynne Cornish
Photograph: Madelynne Cornish
Super Field RMIT, 2017, photo credit: Philip Samartzis
Photograph: Philip Samartzis

Travel to breathtaking remote locations around the world with 19 artists

Most of us will never get the opportunity to travel to the areas featured in RMIT Design Hub's new audiovisual exhibition. Super Field features the work of 19 artists working in "deep field" research, creating work out of prolonged periods of immersion in the environment and communities of the extraordinary places they've visited.

The exhibition features two separate zones of sound and vision, with a "sonic field" created by 60 loud speakers, and immersive video. In addition to being a stunning sensory experience, the exhibition explores the social, environmental and economic issues facing these remote regions.

It's also perfect to visit and revisit, with four different programs over the span of the exhibition, starting with Australia's alps:

1)  High Country: The Australian Alps (December 8 to 22 2017)
2)  A Surrender to Nature: The Kimberley (January 16 to 20 2018)
3)  Glacial Erratic: Antarctica and the Arctic (January 21 to February 3 2018)
4)  Unheard Spaces: International wilderness areas (February 6 to 17 2018)

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