The Grand Tour: Cities Shaped by Art

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The Grand Tour: LA

Visit the world's biggest art hot spots from the comfort of ACCA's departure lounge

Learn the essentials of art history with ACCA's chosen team of experts with a refreshing complimentary cocktail in hand.

Just as Melbourne's arts culture has shaped the city, the same goes for many of the world's biggest metropolitan cities. ACCA has picked out a group of 'tour guides' for the Grand Tour lecture series to take you through the world's best galleries, arts events, and architecture, as well as visit the writers, thinkers, and artists that have shaped each city.

For the final tour of 2016 on Monday October 24, ACCA invites you to the thriving Los Angeles, California. Your guide for the evening will be Annika Kristensen, curator at ACCA. She will take you deep into the history and culture of the city – once described by Jack Kerouac, and later, Guns N' Roses, as a 'jungle' – from Gehry to the Getty and beyond. Kristensen is known for her work at ACCA, but also as the former exhibition and project coordinator for the 19th Biennale of Sydney (2014). 

As always, guests will be treated to a complimentary themed cocktail to ease you through your travels. This time, the Melbourne Gin Company will be pouring piña coladas worthy of LA summer days.

The bar is open from 5pm, and the talk will run from 6-7pm.

Tickets include a free cocktail inspired by each of the cities and created by The Melbourne Gin Company. Visit the ACCA website for full details.

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