The Naked Self

Art, Digital and interactive Free
Generic Naked
Photograph: Creative Commons

Listen to strangers reveal the naked truth about their bodies, or reveal the truth about your own

You're either going to leap at the chance to participate in The Naked Self or you won't be able to think of anything worse. The Naked Self is part audio installation and part new-age confessional booth. Step into the exhibition space and listen to strangers reveal audio portraits of themselves, created while completely naked.

Love getting your kit off? The Naked Self is an interactive installation, so if you're brave you can step inside a private booth and confess. You won't be repenting your sins though – you'll be speaking frankly about your body and creating an audio portrait of yourself. Gentle audio prompts will guide you through the process and hope to give participants a new perspective on their bodies.

Created by playwright Michele Lee (Rice, Going Down) and director-creative producer Tanya Dickson, The Naked Self debuted in 2016 at the Festival of Live Art. The installation's stint at Arts House is for two weekends only – entry is free, but you must be over 18. 

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