The People's Currency

The People’s Currency 2017 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art at Asia TOPA promo image feat Eugenia Lim photographer credit Zan Wimberley
Photograph: Zan Wimberley Eugenia Lim

In Eugenia Lim's interactive performance, Federation Square amphitheatre is transformed into a contemporary factory – where you're the worker

Melbourne-based performance artist Eugenia Lim is prepared to make a radical statement on the effects of mass globalisation with this work, premiering as part of the Asia TOPA festival.

The interactive performance art piece will transform Fed Square’s Amphitheatre into a factory – Renminconn – printing counterfeit currency of Lim's design.

Dressed as a gold Mao-suited ‘ambassador’, Lim will preside over the counterfeit currency printing, which will be engineered by an interactive audience of ‘factory workers’.

Audience members are encouraged to get involved in the performance, which is designed to interrogate the ethics of factory work and explore how the mass globalisation of production, which has turned Chinese factories into ‘the workshop of the world’, implicates those of us who consume products that are Made In China.

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By: Matilda Dixon-Smith


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