The Substation presents April Weekender

Art, Digital and interactive Free
Photograph: Sven Marquardt
Photograph: Sven Marquardt

See the streets of Newport in an entirely new light, then lose yourself in immersive art at the Substation

If you’ve never visited The Substation – the largest visual arts gallery in Melbourne’s western suburbs – then this weekend is the perfect time. For three days, The Substation will open its doors to the public for a program of performance, visual art and tours unlike any you’ve experienced before.

Flyway, by Lz Dunn and Aphids
Venture beyond the red brick and high ceilings of The Substation and experience a much older ecosystem; that of the migrating birds that live by the nearby water. Lz Dunn of contemporary art collective Aphids has created an audio tour, which will guide visitors through a landscape augmented by video artworks. Fri-Sun 4.30-6pm. $20-$25. Departs from The Substation.

Newport Archives, by Tamara Saulwick
Like Flyway, Newport Archives is also an audio work; this time exploring the past, present and future of the streets of Newport. Fri, Sat 11am-6.30pm; Sun 11am-5pm. 15 minute slots. Free.

The Art of Work, by Projector Bike
Meet the people of Newport in this documentary that will be projected directly onto the walls of The Substation. Fri, Sat 7-9pm. Free.

Sven Marquardt: Fotografien
Be the first to encounter the work of Berlin-based photographer Sven Marquardt, whose exhibition will launch on Friday April 28 and run through to the end of May. Over the years, Marquardt – who is better known as the bouncer at infamous techno club Berghain – has amassed a fascinating collection of photos which shed light on Berlin’s club culture after the fall of the Wall. Fri, Sat 11am-8pm; Sun 11am-5pm. Free.

While you're there, be sure to visit The Substation Market, where you'll pick up local pieces of art, craft and design. Sun 10am-4pm. Free.

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