Yhonnie Scarce: Hollowing Earth

Art, Sculpture and installations
Hollowing Earth 2017 TarraWarra Art Museum feat Yhonnie Scarce 2016-2017 Hollowing Earth DETAIL ONLY Courtesy of the artist and THIS IS NO FANTASY dianne tanzer gallery
Yhonnie Scarce 'Hollowing Earth' (2016-17) – detail

The South Australian artist presents a new installation of Uranium-glass forms, inspired by the negative effects of mining on Aboriginal lands and communities

Yhonnie Scarce only spent a handful of early-childhood years in her birthplace of Woomera, South Australia; but her art has constantly returned to the history of that landscape as a site for nuclear testing and mining.

Hollowing Earth reacts to Uranium mining of the earth between Adelaide and Alice Springs, the home of Scarce’s ancestors. Uranium oxide is used as a colouring agent for glass, so the artist has created 50 transparent ‘Uranium glass’ forms, shaped like the Yunala (or ‘bush banana’) that is totemic to her people – but each slightly damaged.

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