Cookie Margarita Fest

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Cookie margarita cocktails

If you like your cocktails with a salty rim, this is the event for you

Every once in a while, Cookie hosts a sort of market day where they invite some of their favourite suppliers to tell boozehounds about the best tipples in the business. This time, Cookie is hosting a Margarita Fest to celebrate their favourite Tequilas.

If you all you know about Margaritas is that they're famous for their salt rims, you'll be in for a treat as Cookie's resident Margarita expert Airiel will shake up six Margaritas using Cookie's housemade syrups and salts to rim every glass. We're looking forward to the taco chili salt rimmed spicy Margarita, the tropical number with toasted coconut, coriander and kumquat, and Cookie's classic Margarita.  

Your Margaritas are going to be shaken up with Tequila Tromba, Don Julio Tequila, Olmeca Tequila, and Fortaleza Tequila, and representatives will be showing you how best to drink these Tequilas.

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