Sister Bella

Bars Melbourne
4 out of 5 stars

Kick back and unwind with some vintage-flavoured fun at this cosy drinking den

Housed in a narrow, shabby old building at the end of Sniders Lane, Sister Bella is the sibling of the late lamented Saint Jerome. But where Saint Jerome traded on its thrown-together, we’re-sitting-on-milkcrates aesthetic, Sister Bella feels like it’s here to stay.

Impressively, its popularity has been achieved almost solely through word of mouth. Furnished with vintage flotsam and jetsam and staffed by heavily tattooed cool kids, it has a surprisingly calm and friendly vibe even on the busiest nights.

A small, minimally stocked bar on the ground floor picks up the overflow when things become too hectic upstairs, but weeknights and afternoons are generally low key. The drinks list is fairly basic, but then nobody comes to a place like Sister Bella for the flirtinis.

By: Una Cruickshank


Venue name: Sister Bella
Address: 22 Drewery Pl
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 4pm-1am; Sun 4pm-11pm.
Price: $1-$50
Static map showing venue location