Summer Gin and Tonic Bar

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Summer Gin and Tonic Bar
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This pop-up bar is serving up a simple cocktail classic all summer long

Before you head out to your Friday dinner reservation, stop by for a cheeky cocktail to start your night off right. Melbourne Gin Company have teamed up with the coffee brewing artisans of Patricia to provide a season of specially curated juniper-based delights this summer at a CBD pop-up bar.  

The curated menu features MGC’s Dry Gin and a selection of mixers including CAPI, StrangeLove and Fever Tree, as well as a range of tonic syrups and flavoured waters, meaning every drink will have an individual flavour profile. Each drink on offer is served with its own signature garnish, turning these simple cocktails into something special.

CBD coffee house Patricia will be hosting the event, with the standing-room-only establishment providing the perfect touch of European class and elegance to the occasion. There’ll even be a ‘Patricia G&T’ which uses the house-made cold brew coffee – a Melbourne cocktail if there ever was one.

The menu will change up every fortnight, meaning you plenty of opportunities to find the perfect gin for your palette.

The bar will be open from 5pm-8pm every Friday this summer, from December 1 to February 23 (except December 29) with each G&T only setting you back $10.

By: William Dunn

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