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Calm down everyone, Bon Iver is probably not playing in Fitzroy tonight

Written by
Rose Johnstone

Last night, Bon Iver posted this on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts:  


A photo posted by Bon Iver (@boniver) on

Naturally, the post sent Bon Iver fans in Melbourne into a frenzy. Speculation was wild: are Justin Vernon and his band secretly flying across the world to play a secret gig? After all, the singer-songwriter has been known to pull stunts not unlike these (he premiered the entirety of his new album at Wisconsin's Eaux Claires festival last month).

Here's what we do know so far. The 'event' (whatever it is) is happening at 121 Johnston Street at 6.30pm tonight. 121 Johnston Street is the site of Sir Charles café, and for several months now, the exterior wall of Sir Charles has been the site of a mural with the same cryptic symbols that have been seen in other cities around the world. Several days ago, the words 'Bon Iver' were added to the mural. That said, it doesn't seem like the café knows anything about the event tonight – or at least, they're pretending they don't.

Bon Iver

Lastly (and most importantly), Bon Iver's upcoming album, 22, A Million is set to drop tomorrow (September 30).

So are we looking at a surprise gig going down in Fitzroy tonight? Will Justin Vernon and his band play the new album?

As much as we'd love that, it's extremely unlikely. Similar posts to the 'Melbourne' one have appeared on the band's social pages, with locations spanning the globe and all taking place on the same date. Among them are Copenhagen, Berlin, London and Brooklyn.


A photo posted by Bon Iver (@boniver) on


A photo posted by Bon Iver (@boniver) on


A photo posted by Bon Iver (@boniver) on

Right now, the most likely option would be a listening party of the album before its release tomorrow. So it is worth coming down the Sir Charles at 6.30pm tonight? If you do decide to take a chance on the event, then you certainly won't be alone. 

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